Social Media Management

Is keeping up with posting driving you mad? Are you looking to utilise your social media to its full potential to help you win over clients, create a community or sell products? We are here to help. If you are a start up and/or a purpose driven business check out our start up package.

How does it work?

To start off we will put together a plan for the time that you are with us. Then each month we;

Step 1


We develop a monthly content plan. We check in to make sure there are no changes to our overall plan like pop up specials etc to add in for the month.


Step 2


Collect content and photography. This may or may not include you depending on what we are posting about this month. If you are a product based business we can use your products and take in-house photography. However if you are a service based business there may be more 'meet the team' posts where we will come to your office and use your surroundings for content.

Step 3


The editing process. We will edit your content and get ready for approvals.

Step 4


Approvals. We will send you all the content to go out for the month to view and approve before posting.

Step 5


We will post, engage, comment and monitor your social media accounts over the month. We will bring specific comments and questions to your attention if we can't respond.

Step 6

Analytics review. At the end of each month we will track the analytics to monitor how your social media channels are performing and use the statistics to influence the next months content to start the process all over again.

What’s included

  • Minimum of 4 posts a week

  • Minimum of 5 stories a week

  • Photography + content collection each month 

  • Reels + Stories guide

  • Monthly reporting and calendar

  • Monitoring of content and comments 

  • Engaging with followers 

  • Quarterly 60 minute meeting to discuss further action


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